Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kerala: Miles, Smiles,Whiles

Advantageously situated to be applauded as one of the paradises reigned by the splendor and loveliness of our mother earth, Kerala has always offered in abundance a variety of theme-based contentment. A preferred destination for the assortment of features presented; namely flora wrapped along the curvy mountain forms leading its way to a breezy crest, the affectionate engaging chirpings hidden amongst these greens, the untamed roars of the wildlife; aqua gracing through a selection of beaches, backwaters and waterfalls; culture that highlights the yesteryears of the terrain and arts that flaunt the ethnicity of the traditions, crowned by an extensive anthology of music and dance; palaces, forts and monuments sculpted into the most magnificent architecture; eternal existence of peaceful, spiritual and worship destinations; the eco way of healing through Ayurveda, meditation and yoga; and more such inexhaustible distinctiveness.

The tropical shoreline has been distinguished as one of the must see destinations in the world. While, like previously cited, one can visibly categorize a substantial wealth of sightseeing choices; there are a few unavoidable uniqueness of this panorama appealing coast.

The backwaters lavishly gushing in the region of the southern half of the land is predominantly the most attracting factor for the tourists. Previously explored from the banks of the lake and/or by sailing through traditional snake boats or motor boats, the commercialization of the tourism industry here has recently motivated a climb in the number of resorts, hotels, home-stays and the kettuvalloms (popularly known as the houseboat) in these neighborhoods. These tour promoting add-ons have made it convenient for the tourists to enjoy a tranquil rejuvenating stay on the banks witnessing the calm and serene ripples; or sailing through the waters during the day and staying aboard while the boat is anchored during the sundown hours. The backwater tourism hub Alappuzha (Alleppey) along with its spirited neighbor Kumarakom together witnesses plenty of backwater enthusiasts all through the year; most of whom would not miss a houseboat cruise of the unruffled aqua. Sometimes, one longs for the incredible moment of being lost in the middle of nowhere with your loved ones! These waters definitely seem to be nature’s response to such a spectacular desire.

While the backwaters are the most eminent aspect that defines Kerala’s exclusivity, there are many more such striking features which, though not uniquely associated to Kerala alone, are still exhibited as its many heavenly possessions. The extensive golden shoreline offers a calm and composed atmosphere differing from some of the glam laden beaches in other parts of the country. The waves shall triumph to be your best companion here despite any hustles in the backdrop. The numerous wildlife conservatories in the various parts of Kerala exemplify flora and fauna enjoying their natural habitats and native routines. Here, the untamed beings are at utmost ease, while we are allowed touring their neighborhoods by not upsetting their chores. The chilly pinnacle of the hills offer plentiful evolved and emergent picturesque spots, views of the valleys, massive dams, loud waterfalls, slopes encumbered with spice cultivations, and an excellent fresh and windy environment.

Like any other region, the arts and culture of a province would be distinctly defined in comparison to other similar civilizations. Kerala has been exceedingly fortunate to have been blessed upon such a colossal reserve of talent and traditions. Be it the intense Kathakali expressions or the elegant Mohinattam moves, the shrine fests or tribal originated customs, the ancestral martial art form of Kalaripazhatu or the magnificent paintings, the possession of these colors of life are as rich as the architectural delight of the land or the spiritual enlightening attained here.

While on one hand it takes pride in its universal recognition for its blissful attractiveness, some parts of this world still seem untapped. Obviously, these hidden fractions here aren’t as widely recognized to the tourists, but are the most celestial attractions as observed by the explorers who are striving their way through these little hideaways. Tiny villages along some unexplored seashore or somewhere at the pinnacle of a hill form, small hut or tree houses amidst the forest areas and many such imperceptible aspects specifically are making their immense progress towards the tourism themes, as wilderness is the one of the most sought out feature of a Kerala tour. The raw and natural exquisiteness of Kerala has forever been a prime factor in grabbing interest of all those voyagers from around the globe and hence the evolution of these tender features is marking wonders in its tourism history!

Frequented by visitors from around the world throughout the different seasons, this destination campaigning its ‘National Geographies one of the ten paradises on earth’ title continues to marvel people with its phenomenally accepted beauty, and why be otherwise when it ideally is a wonderful getaway.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wild hideout in Wayanad

Imagine a life without electric lights, cooking gas, time pieces or calendars, newspapers or televisions. Sounds historic! Well not really! Presenting the only tribal manned and managed resort in Kerala, a world deep inside the wild Wayanad, surrounded by jungle on three sides, frequented by the wild life of the neighborhood- deer, mammoths and a lot more!

A truly jungle hideout; which takes pride in NOT offering any modern day amenities or luxuries!

Where tribal hospitality is experienced at its best!

Where you are indeed escaping your routine world, by stepping into a land which offers no cell phone network (except a landline for emergency calls), no electric lights, but only the fuel generated lighting as seen in our remote rural areas, or recalled in our ancient journals; food cooked in the utmost organic methods using traditional fire methods, ensuring spices and condiments grown in the neighborhoods, and at least one traditionally cooked dish. Forget the date, the time, the happenings, and the media; and get reminisced in the chirpings and wilder cries around you.

The adventurists shall be enthralled to see wild mammoths entering the premises to surprise you. Though the resort has presented itself to exist as the most natural habitat, your safety measures are an even important priority. The staff at the resort shall ensure your safety from these sudden wild entrants by using habitual styles of fireworks to scare them back to the jungle.

While the natural echoes of the jungles fascinates you, you would also enjoy your privacy to the best as the resort spread over a vast area accommodates only three different cottages, so as to ensure that you indeed get the feel of living in between nowhere.

Precisely, a world built with bamboo walls, elephant grass roof, clay flooring, complimented by bamboo built beds, clay chairs and an open verandah, in a terrain bordering a thick rain forest with coffee bushes and tropical trees is all set as the hideaway for adventurists who are longing to enjoy their holidays in the most raw manner with lush flora, untamed fauna, chilly breeze, and wilder fragrances.

Discounted packages available along with sightseeing tours to one or may of the following:

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary

Nagerhole National Park

Edakkal Caves


Muthangal Wildlife sanctuary

Packages are also complimented with:

Free archery show

Participation in tribal cooking

Guided trekking

Standard 1, 3 5 and 7 day packages available; Prices starting at Rs 5500 (single day package)

For customized packages, or to book the standard packages, contact us at

Packages can also be combined with any other destination in Kerala.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Treehouses- the emerging trend in Kerala

Found in the remote areas of the Wayanad forests, the Munaar Plantations, and the neighborhoods of the Idukki woods, the concept of treehouses is gaining popularity these days among the countryside-adoring visitors. Tresshouses factually is built traditionally to maintain the authenticity of the concept. Generally built 20 to 80 feet above the ground level, the treehouses are cabins built on tree tops out of ecofriendly components namely bamboo poles, hay straws, coir mats and many more, along with an elevator kind of innate concept solely functioned on water flow and its heaviness. These cabins come with modern day amenities like comfy beddings, telephones, flushable toilets, and shower facilities. These houses are built amidst dark woods, or thick plantations. The reception of the respective accommodation providers would be located a few meters away, which would contain facilities to better serve your stay.

One request initiated by the accommodation provider would be to distinguish your luggage as the required ones and the optional ones. Since carrying heavy baggage to the tree house would not be an easy activity, one is required to take only the needful resources, while the rest of the belongings would stay in the safe custody at the host’s reception.

The food menu offered is very simple, majority of which would be cooked in fruits, vegetables, and spices grown in the surroundings, without much interference of any pesticides and chemicals. The traditional delicacies of the state served on the customary banana platter leads you to experience some more of the cultural shades of the land.

The authenticity of the treehouse continues in its form of providing electricity to the vicinity. The lightings provided in the locality shall be kerosene controlled lamps, and solar electricity would aid the functioning of the rest of the facilities.

The treehouse serves to be the ideal location away from the hustles of the urban life. The union of the natural ambience, the extensive assortment of the flora & fauna, the most earthly fragrances and the rarely perceived sounds highlights the ethnicity of an exceptional holiday in the heart of one of the world’s most desired leisure destinations.

Depending on the location and facilities, these tree houses can cost you from Rs. 3500/- a night.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ashtamudi Lake

One of the most striking sights obtainable in Kerala, the district of Kollam definitely flaunts the extensive water body that resides in the heart of the land. Infamous for its eight arms bordering the Kollam town, the massive waters further converts into a single channel which directs itself towards the Arabian Sea. The magnificent views of the coconut trees and palm groves along the land, sights of the neighboring towns and villages, traditional Chinese nets, as well as the extensive variety found in the wetland ecosystem all together enhances the beauty of the surroundings to create an unavoidable picture which may leave your tour incomplete. Plenty of tourism promoting activities could be found in the vicinity of Ashtamudi Lake. A selection of backwater tours varying from hourly trips to overnight stays could be one of the most captivating offers. A choice of accommodating services in forms of hotels, resorts, inns and home stays also highlight the tourism services provided in the locality.

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